Diving light for technical diving

AIDA light includes many interesting details worth to think about. You can find more information under component links.

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A quick pressure change (quick push) connects the light ON or OFF.

Mechanical switch

The use of the mechanical switch is simple. ON or OFF just by rotating the knob.

Belt clamp

The battery case is designed to be used on belt. The belt clamp, made of stainless steel, secures the position on belt.

Battery case

The battery case is light and small, diameter 6 cm and length approx. 20 cm. The length is enough for fitting the long hose under the case. The battery can be recharged by opening the case top and connecting the plug. The top of the case is locked with a special quick lock mechanism, allowing the shape to be smooth. There are two O-rings securing the tightness when underwater.

– Compact size – length 20 cm, diameter 6 cm
– Easy no latch lid operation
– No moving parts/seals
– Smooth shapes
– Colors: white and black

Light head

The light head is equipped with five LEDs, total power of 1200 lumen.

The light beam is 4-5 degrees, which is perfect for diving and underwater communication.

– 5 powerful LED-lights, total power of 1200 lumen
– Tight, 4-5 degrees light beam – ideal for underwater communication
– Colors: white and black

Goodman handle

This goodman handle is designed for hand shapes and it feels comfortable when in use.

You can use your hand also for other things, such as handling a reel at the same time.

There is 20 mm adjustment capability of the handle when using either gloves or bare hands.

– Ergonomic design
– Sizes for both men and women and 20 mm adjustment capability for gloves or bare hands
– Smooth shapes
– Colors: white, black and pink